Atletico Madrid vs. Osasuna  2 - 0

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +4 FULL-TIME: Atletico Madrid 2-0 Osasuna
90' There will be four minutes of added time.
86' End-to-end stuff here in the final stages as Osasuna rush forward, leaving plenty of space behind for Atleti to run into.
82' Hermoso enters the game and replaces João Félix.
After spending similar amounts of time in the penalty area and on the floor, Felix is replaced by Hermoso.
81' A cutting, low cross is sent in towards Avila, but it's played a little behind the striker who couldn't contort his body to take it under his spell. The hosts clear.
79' Iñigo Pérez enters the game and replaces Fran Mérida.
Jagoba Arrasate makes his final change as Perez replaces Merida in midfield.
75' Saúl has scored a goal for Atletico Madrid! Assist by Á. Correa.
GOOOALLLL!!!! A STUNNING EFFORT FROM SAUL! There are a series of one-touch passes in the final third with Correa eventually slotting Saul in behind the defence, and he waited for Herrera to come of his line before coolly chipping the ball into the back of the net! Atletico Madrid 2-0 Osasuna
Correa showed terrific vision and touch, collecting the ball and then slotting a perfectly weighted pass into the path of Saul who finished the chance with a deft chip!
73' Adrián enters the game and replaces Roberto Torres.
Robert Ibáñez enters the game and replaces Oier.
It's a double change for Osasuna with Castro also coming on. Oier Sanjurjo is the player to make way.
Torres wasn't at his best today, and is now replaced by Lopez.
71' It seems as though Felix's constant pleading for fouls has come back to bite him as it looked as though he was actually fouled by Estupinan again, but the referee immediately shook his head and waved play on.
67' Morata has scored a goal for Atletico Madrid! Assist by K. Trippier.
Trippier, who already led his side in accurate crosses on the season, delivers another one straight to the forehead of Morata who powered the ball low, and into the back of the net!
GOOALLLL!!!! Atleti take the lead! From the set-piece, Trippier whipped in a cross to Morata who was mysteriously in loads of space, and headed the ball down and past Herrera to open the scoring! Atletico Madrid 1-0 Osasuna
Estupinan commits an unnecessary challenge on Felix, conceding a dangerous free-kick in the final third.

La Liga table

# Team MP D P
1 27 +32 58
2 27 +30 56
3 27 +10 47
4 27 +12 46
5 27 +12 46
6 27 +10 45
7 27 -1 42
8 27 +6 38
9 27 +1 38
10 27 +6 37
11 27 -4 34
12 27 -5 33
13 27 -8 33
14 27 -8 32
15 27 -10 29
16 27 -14 27
17 27 -12 26
18 27 -16 25
19 27 -18 23
20 27 -23 20
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