Augsburg vs. Bayern München  1 - 0

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +5 THAT'S IT! THE FULL TIME WHISTLE SOUNDS! Bayern's dreams of an undefeated season come to a crashing conclusion! Unbelievable scenes at the SGL Arena as Augsburg pull off the incredible upset!
90' +4 The ball is lofted into the box and someone gets a head to it, with the referee deciding on a goal kick!
90' +3 The three minutes have been played now, but there may be more after Hitz stayed down for quite a while. Mandzukic concedes another free kick and that may do it!
90' +1 Into the first of three minutes of added time. The crowd is growing in belief, as are the Augsburg players! Bayern desperately searching for an equalizer. Hitz goes down in the box and stays down, wasting precious time, as Mandzukic and Verhaegh go at it! Hectic moments here at the SGL Arena!
90' BOBADILLA! Augsburg break on a counter and the Argentine runs to get on the end of a ball. He has a go at goal but strikes it off the post, coming so close to sealing things for the hosts.
89' Augsburg booting the ball up the pitch every time they win it back. Anywhere will do for them. They're defending admirably in the closing moments, as they have all game.
87' Muller running to get on the end of a ball played into the box, and he gets behind the defence but slips! He has to adjust his run to get to the ball and just loses his footing. It's been that kind of day for Bayern, who are minutes away from seeing their unbeaten run come to an end!
85' J. Callsen-Bracker gets yellow.
Callsen-Bracker does well to defend Mandzukic, but the Croatian goes down rather theatrically after losing the ball, winning a foul. The centre-back has some choice words for Mandzukic after being shown yellow.
84' M. Weiser gets yellow.
Weiser is the latest player to find himself in the referee's book as he's forced into a foul after being beaten along the left.
83' R. Bobadilla enters the game and replaces S. Mölders.
Schweinsteiger gives it away rather uncharacteristically, allowing Augsburg to break on the counter. Molders is fouled and that will be the last we see of him today. His goal is still the difference, and could it be the one to bring Bayern's 53 league match unbeaten run to an end?

Bundesliga table

# Team MP D P
1 34 +71 90
2 34 +42 71
3 34 +20 64
4 34 +19 61
5 34 +13 60
6 34 +16 55
7 34 -2 53
8 34 +0 52
9 34 +2 44
10 34 -13 42
11 34 -8 41
12 34 -24 39
13 34 -17 36
14 34 -18 36
15 34 -13 32
16 34 -24 27
17 34 -33 26
18 34 -31 25