Manchester City vs. Fulham  5 - 0

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +2 L. Holtby gets yellow.
Negredo misses a sitter! Sidwell gets on his knees to try and head the ball back to Stockdale just in front of goal but he barely makes any contact with it, allowing Negredo to power past and fire on goal, but his attempt somehow goes wide of the post. He won't get many better chances than that!
90' +1 They may have already scored five goals, but that hasn't stopped Manchester City from pressing forward in the hope of scoring a sixth.
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be three minutes of added time.
88' M. Demichelis has scored a goal for Manchester City!
Goal! Now Demichelis has joined in the fun. Stockdale stops a Jovetic effort on goal with his feet but the ball bounces into the path of the Argentinian, who is able to poke the ball into the back of the empty net from a yard out. After receiving a lot of criticism this season, that goal will mean so much to Demichelis, who celebrates with a wide smile on his face. 5-0!
86' Great save by Stockdale! Milner and Rodwell connect for a wonderful one-two just inside the Fulham penalty box but Milner's shot on goal is stopped by a brilliant low save by the Fulham goalkeeper.
84' Fernandinho has scored a goal for Manchester City! Assist by J. Milner.
P. Kasami enters the game and replaces C. Woodrow.
Goal! Fernandinho, like Toure for his third goal, finds himself in so much space on the edge of the penalty area, allowing him to calmly compose himself before launching a rocket of a shot into the roof of the net. Fulham's day keeps getting worse and worse. 4-0!
82' S. Jovetić enters the game and replaces S. Nasri.
Jovetic, who hasn't featured for Manchester City in over a month due to injury, replaces Nasri for the final eight minutes of the game. This could be a wonderful chance for the Montenegrin to score his second league goal of the season.
81' Another corner for Manchester City, which Nasri sends into the box, but it safely drifts over the heads of both those in blue and those in red, rolling out of play for a Fulham goalkick.
79' Fulham are enjoying a brief spell of possession, which almost results in a chance on goal. Sidwell beats the offside trap and connects well with a lofted pass forward, but his touch is too heavy and the ball bounces safely into the hands of Hart.
77' J. Rodwell enters the game and replaces Y. Touré.
Navas darts in and out of the Fulham defence on the right hand side of the pitch before sending a low cross towards the box, but it's blocked and goes out for yet another Manchester City corner. Demichelis climbs high and connects with the ball with his head, but his attempt is cleared off the line by one of the many outstretched Fulham legs.

Premier League table

# Team MP D P
1 38 +65 86
2 38 +51 84
3 38 +44 82
4 38 +27 79
5 38 +22 72
6 38 +4 69
7 38 +21 64
8 38 +8 56
9 38 -7 50
10 38 -16 49
11 38 -15 45
12 38 +0 42
13 38 -11 40
14 38 -19 38
15 38 -22 38
16 38 -15 37
17 38 -16 36
18 38 -34 33
19 38 -45 32
20 38 -42 30