Juventus vs. Sassuolo  4 - 0

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +2 QUAGLIARELLA! The substitute loses his footing in the area as he looks to shoot from a tight angle, and that should be that.
90' +1 Two minutes of stoppage time have been awarded, with Juventus seeing plenty of the ball let on. Quagliarella is fed through on goal, but Pegolo is quick off his line to collect the loose ball.
90' There shouldn't be too much added time here this evening, and presumably the referee will be keen to spare Sassuolo's blushes by ending the game as quickly as possible. Juventus keep possession comfortably to run down the clock.
88' LLORENTE! What a chance! Padoin breaks down the right, before picking out his Spanish teammate at the back post, but the former Bilbao man slips over whilst trying to control it! Sassuolo break, and Zaza manages to force Buffon into a reasonably comfortable save.
86' Zaza is fed the ball on the edge of the box, but Chiellini doesn't allow the Sassuolo man to turn, stealing the ball off his feet. The away side pick up the pieces, before Marrone delivers a ball into the box, which can only be nodded wide of the post.
84' Gazzola does his best to get to the byline, after linking up with Chibsah, but the wing-back can only stab a weak ball into the path of Chiellini. Nobody was in the box for the away side there, showing perhaps that Di Francesco's side are flagging a little.
82' We're inside the last ten minutes of action in Turin, and Conte's men are being professional and efficient until the very end. Buffon and Chiellini argue with each other over a momentary lapse of communication, demonstrating the high standards both still have, despite the current score.
80' GAZZOLA! The wing-back finds himself bearing down on the back post, after an excellent cross-field ball from deep. De Ceglie manages to get to the cross narrowly before his adversary, giving away a corner in the process. Thankfully for him, nothing comes of it.
78' QUAGLIARELLA! The substitute isn't afraid to try his luck once again, pulling the trigger despite only seeing a flash of the goal. It is deflected wide, goes out for a corner, but Marrone heads away the eventual delivery.
76' Under a quarter of an hour left to play, and Juventus are most certainly taking the three points from this match. Sassuolo are resigned to their fate, and probably would quite happily leave for the dressing rooms right now. Di Francesco opts to throw on a couple of youngsters and give them some experience against quality opposition.

Serie A table

# Team MP D P
1 38 +57 102
2 38 +47 85
3 38 +38 78
4 38 +21 65
5 38 +23 60
6 38 +12 58
7 38 +10 57
8 38 +8 57
9 38 +0 56
10 38 -6 54
11 38 -8 50
12 38 -14 45
13 38 -9 44
14 38 -11 44
15 38 -19 39
16 38 -20 36
17 38 -29 34
18 38 -32 32
19 38 -30 29
20 38 -38 25