Uruguay vs. Argentina  3 - 2

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +4 Full Time!
90' +3 3-2 here to Uruguay, and it's just about to finish 2-1 to Chile in Santiago.
90' +1 Into the first minute of injury time as Cavani appeals furiously for a penalty, and he may have had a case, as the ball brushes the left arm of Biglia inside the area!
90' J. Giménez enters the game and replaces C. Stuani.
89' Nothing of note to report in the last two minutes. Argentina have barely broke stride, and are keeping the ball in safe positions. Uruguay just being slowly strangled to death.
87' The Uruguay faithful just about realise that the jig is up. But there's simply nothing left in the tank for the home side, who are now wearily watching Argentina ping the ball around the field.
85' From the resulting corner, Cavani has the ball in the back of the net, but it's rubbed off right away as Godin is penalized for a foul in the box.
84' Rodriguez and Fucile link up nicely on the left hand side, and the latter spots Cavani at the near post, but the PSG man is too slow to attack the ball at the near post, and it goes out for a corner.
82' M. Icardi enters the game and replaces A. Fernández.
In an ironic twist, Fernandez has started sprouting blood from his left eye, mirroring the occasion in the first half when he also drew blood from Arevalo, albeit unintentionally.
80' Ten minutes stand between Uruguay and a playoff clash against Jordan. Still time to play, but time just trickling away from the hosts here.
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