Uruguay vs. Tahiti  8 - 0

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +3 Uruguay are just playing down the clock now, and Tahiti seem too tired to chase and pressure. The referee will presumably end the game very soon.
90' +2 ATANI! The substitute cuts inside and manages to get a shot away, but it is blocked brilliantly by a wall of blue shirts. Uruguay aren't prepared to give up their clean sheet.
90' L. Suárez has scored a goal for Uruguay! Assist by A. Hernández.
GOOOOAL! SUAREZ AGAIN! 8-0 to Uruguay, Tahiti are tiring fast and they've been exploited as a result of it. Hernandez squares generously to his teammate, and again Suarez slots the ball home coolly to get his brace.
89' Silva is tested! A pass is deflected, looping the ball towards the Uruguay penalty spot, but Silva is out quickly to take the ball off the head of Atani!
88' Y. Tihoni enters the game and replaces S. Hnanyine.
LODEIRO! A nice one two between Suarez and Lodeiro almost comes off, but the latter can't find his first touch and the ball bobbles behind for a goal kick. Suarez and Lodeiro are too good for Tahiti.
86' Half chance for Suarez! Lodeiro plays his teammate in down the channel, with a nice backheel, but good defending prevents Suarez from reaching the ball - the centre half put his body between his opponent and the ball, allowing Meriel to collect.
84' D. Pérez gets yellow.
Both sides are starting to tire a little, and Varihua exploits this to get Gargano booked, the Tahiti midfielder chopped nicely behind his opponent, before Gargano cynically tripped him.
83' Martin Langer: The Tahiti keeper is absolutely fantastic! He has denied Uruguay over and over tonight. Now he saved a shot by Hernandez that seemed like a certain goal.
82' L. Suárez has scored a goal for Uruguay! Assist by N. Lodeiro.
GOOOOAL! SUAREZ SCORES! It seems inevitable, the crowd may boo, but Suarez has netted. He coolly turned Caroine inside out, before slotting the ball beyond Meriel.
81' SUAREZ! Meriel does just enough once again to close the angle down for the approaching substitute, but a block on the line prevents the Uruguayan from grabbing his first goal of the night.