Brazil vs. Mexico  2 - 0

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +4 FULL-TIME: Brazil 2-0 Mexico
90' +3 Jô has scored a goal for Brazil! Assist by Neymar.
That was supreme by Neymar - again he lights up the Confederations Cup here. That was a stunning piece of skill to set up Jo for the second. Surely that was the last moment of the game.
GOOOOOOAL! BRAZIL 2-0 MEXICO! A rather stunning goal that, despite the simple finish applied. Neymar with a bit of skill to bamboozle the defence and set up Jo to tap in.
90' +1 Into the first of four additional minutes here at Castelao.
90' F. Rodríguez gets yellow.
Dani Alves, fed in by Paulinho aims to locate Jo with an over-hit delivery that sails into the arms of Corona.
89' H. Herrera gets yellow.
Neymar looks as if he's taken a battering this evening, but yellow card shown for captain Francisco Rodriguez for dissent, one would presume. Looks baffled by that decision.
88' R. Jiménez enters the game and replaces G. Torrado.
This game has an air of finality about it as both teams appear to be stumbling over until the final whistle. Yellow card to Hector Herrera, after a late lunge.
87' SUBSTITUTION: Gerardo Torrado (off) (on) Raul Jimenez.
86' Victory this evening will put Brazil in the semi-finals of the Confederations Cup, with a game to spare. They're four minutes away from sealing that.
84' PAULINHO! Neymar with a fine bit of skill to leave Salcido bamboozled, but his deft touch manages to pick up Paulinho, who fires over from the rebound.
83' Still, the Mexicans prevail, but are unable to test Julio Cesar, as yet another corner sails calmly into the arms of the goalkeeper.