Bayern München vs. Augsburg  3 - 0

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Minute   Description
89' Can Bayern grab a third or Augsburg grab a consolation? Probably not, is my prediction.
87' Luiz Gustavo has scored a goal for Bayern München! Assist by F. Ribéry.
GOAL! There's Heynckes' side's third strike! Luiz Gustavo slides in from inside the area after a well-worked team move in the build-up. Lovely stuff all round, basically. Bayern Munich 3-0 Augsburg!
86' Bayern might be two goals ahead but they're still pressing forwards with intent, which is impressive considering they're only playing for pride.
84' Bayern's home fans are in full song as they celebrate their side having barraged down the hatches of Augsburg's defence. Just over five minutes until the 90 minutes runs its course and not much longer than that until Heynckes final game at the Allianz Arena comes to a close.
82' Luiz Gustavo enters the game and replaces T. Müller.
X. Shaqiri has scored a goal for Bayern München! Assist by F. Ribéry.
GOAL! Counterattacking at its very finest, from the hosts. Schweinsteiger is penalised for a clumsy tackle 40 yards out but Bayern clear the free kick with ease. Shaqiri then dribbles it with finesse and confidence into the box, Robben uses fine close-control then taps back across goal to allow Shaqiri to turn and nudge into the bottom left-hand corner. Bayern Munich 2-0 Augsburg!
80' Ribery has been so dangerous today that he deserves a moment of madness! The French winger passes to his left without looking, assuming that a Bayern player would run on to collect the ball, but there's not a fellow red shirt in sight and Augsburg players swarm around the ball.
79' T. Oehrl enters the game and replaces T. Werner.
Poor Augsburg. Ten minutes ago everything was looking rosy for the visitors and relegation not so certain. But defeat here will pile the pressure on to their final game of the season, where they will probably need to better Dusseldorf's result to avoid the relegation play-off.
77' Gomez hammers an effort towards goal from outside the area but it flies a foot over the crossbar. He put all his weight behind that shot, though, it flew forwards!
76' Hahn makes Neuer dive to his left with a header from eight yards out but the Germany international makes it look easy to keep his sheet clean.
74' The hosts have eased off the gas and are clearly going to cruise towards the 90-minute mark.

Bundesliga table

# Team MP D P
1 34 +80 91
2 34 +39 66
3 34 +26 65
4 34 +8 55
5 34 +5 51
6 34 +3 51
7 34 -11 48
8 34 -4 47
9 34 -2 45
10 34 -8 44
11 34 -5 43
12 34 -18 43
13 34 -2 42
14 34 -16 34
15 34 -18 33
16 34 -25 31
17 34 -18 30
18 34 -34 21
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