Barcelona vs. Getafe  6 - 1

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +2 Piqué has scored a goal for Barcelona! Assist by Thiago Alcântara.
GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAL FOR BARCELONA!!! And it's six!! Thiago breaks the Getafe offside trap and chests the ball down before unselfishly squaring to Gerard Pique, who taps home from a yard!! Everyone is getting in on the act here!
90' Iniesta has scored a goal for Barcelona!
GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAL FOR BARCELONA!!!! 5-1!! Messi twists and turns inside the area and looks to pull the trigger, only to see his attempt blocked. The ball breaks to Iniesta who expertly whips the ball into the far corner! His performance has deserved that goal!
87' MESSI!!! Dani Alves picks up the ball in plenty of space down the right and whips a cracking cross to the back post, the Argentine rises high to direct a header towards goal, but the attempt goes inches over the bar! Unlucky!
85' The Barca fans are not happy!! Messi and Iniesta look to link-up again on the edge of the box with a quick one-two but the Spaniard is blocked off by Lopo! He kind of ran into the Getafe man but the home crowd are jeering the crowd for not giving the free kick.
83' Álvaro Vázquez has scored a goal for Getafe!
GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL FOR GETAFE!!! The visitors grab a consolation!! Alba looks to pass the ball back to Valdes with a backward header but Alvaro Vazquez latches on to the ball before coolly stabbing into the net! 4-1!!
81' Dominant goalkeeping from Victor Valdes!! A free kick is swung in from the left-hand side and it looks to be dipping into the net, but the Barca goalkeeper, who has had nothing to do all day, clears the ball away with a commanding punch!
79' Cristian Tello has scored a goal for Barcelona! Assist by L. Messi.
GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAL FOR BARCELONA!! Great finish!!! Messi slides the ball to his right for Tello, and the Barca substitute opens up his body to curl a lovely strike into the bottom right corner! 4-0!!
77' Borja takes a sore one! The Getafe man looked to snatch the ball away from the feet of Lionel Messi but was just accidentally caught on the top of the ankle from the Argentine. It looks like he'll be okay.
76' J. Mascherano enters the game and replaces Puyol.
75' It looks as if Carles Puyol has picked up a knock. He is signalling to the bench to come off and it looks like Javier Mascherano will be his replacement. The Barca captain walks off the park, though, so it won't be too serious an injury.

La Liga table

# Team MP D P
1 38 +75 100
2 38 +61 85
3 38 +34 76
4 38 +21 66
5 38 +13 65
6 38 +3 57
7 38 +1 56
8 38 -16 53
9 38 +4 50
10 38 -14 47
11 38 -17 46
12 38 -21 45
13 38 -9 44
14 38 -9 43
15 38 -17 42
16 38 -17 39
17 38 -15 37
18 38 -29 36
19 38 -23 35
20 38 -25 34