Côte d'Ivoire vs. Tunisia  3 - 0

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +3 Two more quickfire chances for Tunisia, but it's too little, too late! Trabelsi won't be happy!
90' +2 Oooh! Almost a consolation goal for Tunisia! Barry makes a meal of collecting a header, and almost allows the ball to bounce behind the goalline! That would have been a fair result really, Ivory Coast are flattered by this scoreline!
90' D. Ya Konan has scored a goal for Côte d'Ivoire! Assist by Y. Gervinho.
GOAL! Ya Konan the substitute passes the ball home, after great work down the left from Gervinho! That can't be caught now, that's game over!
89' D. Ya Konan enters the game and replaces C. Romaric.
87' Y. Touré has scored a goal for Côte d'Ivoire! Assist by S. Tiéné.
GOALLLL! Great finish from Yaya Toure! The huge midfielder picks his spot and nestles the ball in the far corner - Ben Chrifia didn't have a chance of saving that! Surely Ivory Coast have secured the three points now!
86' Z. Dhaouadi enters the game and replaces M. Traoui.
There could well be a bit of stoppage time in this game, it's been stop-start in the last ten minutes due to various cynical fouls and players needing treatment.
84' Oooooh! That was the chance for Tunisia! Khelifa is fortunately found in the Ivory Coast box, in plenty of space, but fires his effort straight at Barry! Surely they won't have a better opportunity?
83' Msakni appears to be rolling around in agony, after a strong challenge from Eboue. That was a nasty one too! He'll be okay to continue, but I can understand why he was slapping the ground in pain, he was caught with Toure's studs!
82' Gradel immediately has an effort at goal from range, but Ben Chrifia is happy to watch it glide wide.
81' M. Gradel enters the game and replaces S. Kalou.