Ghana vs. Mali  1 - 0

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +2 Mali attack once more, throwing men forwards finally. Better late than never? If they don't score then no!
90' Five minutes of added time!
89' Diabate wants a corner for Mali, but it's not to happen for the losing team. Goal kick to Ghana is given.
87' Ghana's goalkeeper Dauda is like a headless chicken! He really should have been sent off at the start, and now - with a couple of minutes to go - he sprints out his goalmouth on a Mali corner and completely fumbles an attempt at catching the cross! Luckily for him it dribbles away out wide, harmlessly.
85' Solomon Asante comes on and very nearly seals the game for Ghana! He lashes a shot a couple of feet wide of the right post with almost his first touch.
84' S. Asante enters the game and replaces A. Adomah.
83' Group B will see Ghana on top with four points, Mali second on three points, DR Congo in third with the one point from one match and Niger rock bottom without a point having played the one match.
81' (Yep, nothing outstanding is happening right now, but don't worry, I'll let you know when they stop hacking each other down and decide to play football)
80' Let's liven this up with a look at the Group B table should the score stay this way!
78' D. Boateng enters the game and replaces K. Asamoah.
So close! Struck casually on goal by Badu, the Mali keeper has to leap down to his right to tip the effort wide.