Fortuna Düsseldorf vs. Bayern München  0 - 5

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Minute   Description
89' Unbelievably, Bayern are still hammering down the door, peppering the Dusseldorf goal with shots and making the defenders dance around in circles as they try and work out where the ball is.
87' Rafinha has scored a goal for Bayern München! Assist by F. Ribéry.
GOAL!! A minute after they seemingly finished off this tie, Rafinha rubs salt into the walloping wound by putting the visitors 5-0 up when one-on-one with the Dusseldorf keeper.
86' T. Müller has scored a goal for Bayern München! Assist by D. Alaba.
GOAL!! A strong run from substitute David Alaba down the left and his pinpoint, flat cross is easy for Muller to pummel Bayern's fourth of the match. 4-0 to the Bundesliga leaders with the clock almost run down.
85' A bit (and I mean a bit) of drama as Dusseldorf are forced to take a free-kick again because they took the first attempt too speedily.
82' Nando Rafael enters the game and replaces D. Schahin.
Rafinha enters the game and replaces B. Schweinsteiger.
"One of the most one-sided Bundesliga games...ever" boasts the commentator. I feel like it's a bit of a bold statement, but Dusseldorf really haven't anything in the way of entertainment or quality in this clash.
80' Die Roten, for those who have forgotten, are almost guaranteed to set a new Bundesliga by winning every single one of their first eight league matches of the season.
78' Thomas 'marauding' Muller fizzles down the right wing and pops a cross in, but alas the lack of striker in the side means there is not a single Bayern soul in the box to get on the end of it.
77' D. Alaba enters the game and replaces M. Mandžukić.
Mandzukic makes way as Bayern decide not to field a recognised striker for these latter stages.
75' "Pass and another pass and another pass" - anyone who has played Fifa in the past couple of years will recognise this quote! But it really is the only way to decribe what Bayern are doing right now.
72' Attacking coaches should film this game to show copies to their players on how to exploit defences. Defensive coaches should watch it to understand how not to defend against world class attackers!

Bundesliga table

# Team MP D P
1 34 +80 91
2 34 +39 66
3 34 +26 65
4 34 +8 55
5 34 +5 51
6 34 +3 51
7 34 -11 48
8 34 -4 47
9 34 -2 45
10 34 -8 44
11 34 -5 43
12 34 -18 43
13 34 -2 42
14 34 -16 34
15 34 -18 33
16 34 -25 31
17 34 -18 30
18 34 -34 21
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