Anderlecht vs. Málaga  0 - 3

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +3 The final whistle goes!
90' +2 That sums up their night! Mbokani and Yakovenko end up challenging each other at the back post and neither manages to make an effective connection with a cross from the left.
90' +1 Into the first, of an additional two, minutes of stoppage time.
90' Kanu gets a chance to run at the Malaga defence but his attempted pass up to Mbokani is read by the visitors' defence and diverted behind for a corner. Wasilewski is the target once more but he fails to hit the target from the resultant set play.
88' Well it has been a very frustrating night for Anderlecht. After an impressive draw against AC Milan, they have struggled for coherency tonight despite being at home. They seem eager to just get this one over and done with.
87' M. Iturra gets yellow.
85' Last-ditch defending from Weligton as he manages to block Mbokani from shooting with a stretching challenge inside the area. It was good work by Anderlecht to engineer the chance but Malaga will be keen to hold onto the clean sheet.
83' Anderlecht are caught with too many men in up top again and Malaga break through Fernandez. He holds the play up well and the ball is worked across to Eliseu. The Portuguese tries to find the striker again but he is closed down by Nuytinck before he can turn and shoot.
81' S. Fernández enters the game and replaces Isco.
Gillet sends a header just wide but once more the referee's assistant raises his flag. Malaga's defence has been supremely organised tonight, keeping a straight line at the back continually.
80' Kanu finally shows a glimpse of his attacking talent as he scoops a brilliant pass over the top of the defence to Mbokani. The striker chases it down but he fails to catch the ball. That was the first sign of any cohesion up front.


First Division A table

# Team MP D P
1 30 +35 67
2 30 +7 55
3 30 +16 51
4 30 +18 50
5 30 +8 44

La Liga table

# Team MP D P
16 29 -19 31
17 29 -18 27
18 29 -37 21
19 29 -34 20
20 29 -29 14
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