Dynamo Kyiv vs. Dinamo Zagreb  2 - 0

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +2 And that's the game, as Bolokhin secures his first ever Champions League victory tonight! This will count as a vital win, as Paris Saint-Germain lost their encounter to Porto. Good night, this is Jeremy Lim signing off.
90' +1 Just the formalities of passing the ball around without haste, as Dynamo Kiev close off the match, confident in the fact that they have dealt the killing blow to Zagreb long ago.
90' Carrasco is caught offside, the hundredth Zagreb man to be found guilty of moving too soon tonight.
88' FYI, Porto have taken the lead at the Dragao. Kiev now stand to sit on equal standing with PSG, while Zagreb remain bottom on zero points.
86' The match slows to walking pace, as the minutes wind down.
85' Kranjcar has put in a solid shift for Dynamo this evening, the midfielder this time now breaking forward, bypassing his man before being crowded out by a Zagreb side content to sit back.
83' Raffael enters the game and replaces O. Husyev.
81' So if anyone needed confirmation Zagreb have thrown in the towel, it's to be found in the absolute lack of drive down the centre.
80' A. Mehmedi enters the game and replaces A. Yarmolenko.
79' Dynamo Kiev has a massive 13-3 shot ratio to Zagreb's paltry record. Says it all about who was the more threatening on the night.

Premier League table

# Team MP D P
1 19 +20 42
2 18 +25 39
3 19 +7 31
4 19 +6 27
5 19 +7 26

1. HNL table

# Team MP D P
1 20 +32 50
2 20 +17 38
3 20 +13 36
4 20 +20 35
5 20 -8 26