BATE vs. Bayern München  3 - 1

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +5 R. Bressan has scored a goal for BATE! Assist by D. Mozolevski.
GOOOOOOAAAALLL!! BATE HAVE WON IT!! Yet another counterattack brings about a goal for the Belarusians. The substitute Mozolevski carries the ball forward down the left and once in the area, squares it for Bressan. The Brazilian has an easy finish and smashes it into the roof of the net.
90' +4 WHAT A CHANCE!! The keeper spills the ball at Pizarro but the striker is blocked from firing into an open net by Sivakov who once more puts his body on the line.
90' +3 Whistles are ringing around the stadium in Minsk now as BATE's lead starts to look a bit bare. A roar finally goes up as the keeper comes to claim Lahm's cross into the area successfully. Can they keep the ball out for two more minutes?!
90' +2 C. Pizarro gets yellow.
90' +1 A. Gorbunov gets yellow.
F. Ribéry has scored a goal for Bayern München! Assist by X. Shaqiri.
We have entered the first minute of an additional four.
GOOOOAAAALLL!! That is one back! The BATE defence lose their organisation for one moment and Shaqiri spots the gap. He slips a through-ball to Ribery and the Frenchman sweeps it home. Surely Bayern cannot get another now. Can they?!
89' In their haste to get the ball up the pitch Bayern are resorting to the long ball which is playing right into BATE's hands. Their physically strong defence are capable of winning the majority of aerial balls and they will be desperate to hold on for a clean sheet.
87' D. Mozolevski enters the game and replaces V. Rodionov.
Bayern have upped the tempo here but it is surely too little too late. The BATE players are going down at every possible opportunity in a bid to waste time which will not help the visitors' cause.
85' Super challenge from Sivakov! The lofty defender flings his body in the way of another effort from Ribery to turn it behind from the corner. Gorbunov keeps up his impressive work between the sticks by coming to punch away the resultant set play.
84' R. Bressan enters the game and replaces A. Pavlov.
83' OFF THE POST!! Another great chance for Ribery as he slices his way through the defence to find space in the area. He lashes a shot at goal and it has the beating of Gorbunov but it cannons back off the frame of the goal.

Premier League table

# Team MP D P
1 30 +42 68
2 30 +31 68
3 30 +30 65
4 30 +21 51
5 30 +16 51

Bundesliga table

# Team MP D P
1 18 +28 44
2 18 +4 31
3 18 +5 30
4 18 +15 29
5 18 +9 28