France vs. England  1 - 1

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +4 The referee sounds the final whistle, and the teams begin their tournament with a draw.
90' +3 Benzema takes a shot from a long distance! Hart collects the bouncing ball and it remains level.
90' +2 1 minute of stoppage time left. The atmosphere is tense in the stadium as France maintains possession.
90' +1 T. Walcott enters the game and replaces D. Welbeck.
Theo Walcott, the Arsenal man, comes in to see if he can be the hero for England.
90' Gerrard takes the corner that is headed by the French defense and volleyed clear. England's brief foray into the French territory is defended successfully.
89' Milner witha delivery to the front post of the French net! Cleared over the line by MEXES!
87' Ben Arfa is called for a foul just outside England's area after he was dispossessed by English defense.
86' France pressuring for a winner as England appear to be content to hold on for a draw.
85' M. Martin enters the game and replaces F. Malouda.
Benzema takes a shot that curls toward net! Gerrard with an important block for England.
84' H. Ben Arfa enters the game and replaces Y. Cabaye.
France making a double change; Arfa for Cabaye and Martin for Malouda.
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