Spain vs. Chile  0 - 2

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +4 Silva receives the ball to feet around 30 yards out and looks for the run of Torres with a chipped pass over the top of the defence, but there was just too much on it and Bravo comes out to claim.
90' +2 Sergio Ramos should score!! Spain get Chile camped in their own half through a of couple of corner kicks and the second falls to the Real Madrid man at the back post, who fails to get a decent connection on the ball! Chile block then clear for another corner!
90' Well, I have no idea where the referee has got this from, but he had indicated SIX minutes of added time. Lucky for Chile that Spain don't really look like scoring, but they'll still want to hear the final whistle!
88' C. Carmona enters the game and replaces A. Vidal.
Cazorlaaaa! Unlucky! The substitute is the man tasked with taking the set-piece and he whips the free kick towards the bottom corner, but again it is a relatively routine save for Bravo, who tips the ball by the post.
86' Torres looks to stretch his legs with a run through the middle but is devilishly tripped by Silva on his way through to goal. Free kick to Spain in a decent position in the final third. Surely that's a booking, ref?!
85' J. Valdivia enters the game and replaces E. Vargas.
84' Chile make their second change of the match as Eduardo Vargas comes off to be replaced by Jorge Valdivia, who netted in the opening match against Australia.
82' Spain looks utterly and completely out of juice here. In the last couple of minutes the passing has been lackadaisical and lazy, which has allowed Chile to easily come in and make a couple of easy tackles. We won't have a miracle comeback tonight, folks.
80' Saaaave by Bravo! Some nice interplay on the edge of the box from Spain sees the ball come to the feet of Cazorla, who whips a shot towards the bottom corner with a left-footed strike, but Bravo gets across goal to make a comfortable save round the post.
78' Casillas lobs the ball up top and Torres does well to leap high into the air and win the flick on for Silva. The Chelsea man receives the ball back and then looks to return the favour with a dinked pass into the box, but any potential attack fizzles out when Diaz heads back to Bravo.