Manchester City vs. Blackburn Rovers  5 - 0


General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +3 King chases a long ball over the top and goes down under a Kolarov challenge. There are half-hearted appeals for a penalty but the referee waves them away.
90' +2 Aguero is nearly in behind as Dzeko collects the ball on the edge of the box before floating it diagonally over the top, but it just skips off the surface and goes out for a goal kick.
90' +1 City clear the set piece and Navas sprints forward for the hosts before squaring to Kolarov, who can't quite get the ball out of his feet and Williamson steps in to win the ball back.
90' Mahoney gets his first chance, picking the ball up on the right before drilling a low cross which is cleared for a corner as we enter three minutes of added time.
89' C. Mahoney enters the game and replaces L. Williamson.
16-year-old Connor Mahoney is introduced for the visitors as we enter the closing stages. Not long for City to bag their 100th goal.
88' SO, SO CLOSE!! That's a wonderful effort from Milner, who bends the ball just the wrong side of the far post with a vicious effort. Eastwood was nowhere near it.
87' Kolarov squares the ball into Aguero on the edge of the box, and the striker shows good strength to hold off a challenge before being hauled down by Hanley. Milner looks like he fancies a go, here...
86' Taylor picks the ball up and runs toward the box before facing a strong challenge from Huws. The Blackburn midfielder wants a free kick but nothing is given and the City debutant comes away with the ball.
85' Spurr wins the ball in the left-back area but immediately gives it straight back to City before Garcia puts it out for a throw to the visitors.
84' City are keeping the ball comfortably. You get the feeling Blackburn just want this to end as quickly as possible.

Premier League table

# Team MP D P
1 17 +41 49
2 17 +26 38
3 17 +17 35
4 18 +11 33
5 18 +4 32

League One table

# Team MP D P
1 20 +26 45
2 20 +13 41
3 20 +18 40
4 21 +8 39
5 21 +11 38