Bayern München vs. Viktoria Plzeň  5 - 0

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +4 Bayern threaten a last-ditch six as Gotze squares up at the near post, but his cross is right at Kozacik. And that's all she wrote!
90' +2 Pizarro forces Kozacik to work one more time with a piledriver, but it's straight in the keeper's line of sight, and he parries.
90' +1 M. Götze has scored a goal for Bayern München! Assist by A. Robben.
Into the first of three minutes of added time to close off this contest.
Lovely little ball from Robben towards the far post. Rajtoral is made a fool out of as Gotze drifts in behind him with ease, before neatly blasting the ball home!
90' NEARLY A FIFTH! In comes the cross from Gotze on the left, and up goes Schweini hanging in the air above Hubnik, but he plants his header right at Kozacik, who should have had no chance!
89' Contento hacks away a loose Plzen ball into the box. The 23-year-old left back has not had a thing to worry about today in his adopted position in the heart of Bayern's defence.
87' Kozacik is given a dumb yellow card for time wasting, of all things. C'mon ref.
86' M. Kozáčik gets yellow.
S. Tecl enters the game and replaces M. Petržela.
Muller comes close twice in twenty seconds to poking in a fifth goal at the near post; the first chance was blocked, and the second stabbed just wide.
84' Incredible statistics coming in that show just how dominant Bayern have been; they've mustered 29 efforts, with 17 of those on target. Plzen, by comparison, have had exactly zero shots of any kind all game (via Uefa).
82' Pizarro get the ball in a splendid position just inside the box from Muller, but a swarm of white shirts surround him. The ball is just asking for a touch to release the completely unmarked Robben on the right, but the Peruvian, under severe pressure, cannot oblige.
80' The rarest of rare sightings, a touch for Neuer! It's only a goalkick, mind, but the keeper's probably pleased as punch to finally have something to do.

Bundesliga table

# Team MP D P
1 17 +26 41
2 17 +7 30
3 17 +15 28
4 16 +3 28
5 17 -1 28

Czech Liga table

# Team MP D P
1 16 +29 46
2 16 +20 32
3 16 +13 32
4 16 +8 30
5 16 +9 28