Panama vs. United States  2 - 3

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +4 A. Jóhannsson has scored a goal for United States!
90' +3 G. Zusi has scored a goal for United States! Assist by B. Davis.
USA!!! OH WOW!!! It's 2-2! Mexico back in... What is going on Tonight???
Wow, that's crushing, Johannsson adds a third, and in stoppage time, Panama is out of the World Cup.
90' +1 Panama must hold on for three more minutes, and hope Mexico doesn't pull off another miracle.
90' Dangerous living from Panama. Boyd just off getting a touch, and the USA isn't going to make this easy.
88' So close now for Panama.
86' Oh my oh my, this is getting crazy. Panama, as it stands, would be in the World Cup playoffs.
85' L. Tejada gets yellow.
84' OH MY GOODNESS!! Tejada, third time is the charm. It's Panama, a goal ahead. Mexico in real trouble.
83' R. Torres gets yellow.
L. Tejada has scored a goal for Panama!
82' Oh my goodness. Tejada has had two good looks since coming on, this time with a head that he can't turn home.