Atlético Madrid vs. Barcelona  1 - 1

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +2 The final-whistle blows!
90' +1 We are into the first minute of an additional two.
89' A. Song enters the game and replaces Xavi.
Villa, who has not had much service in the second half, is fed down the left by Filipe. The Spaniard tries to beat Pique around the outside but he is outmuscled by his former team-mate who takes the ball and calmly passes it out.
87' Sanchez competes with Godin to try and win the ball in the area but is adjudged to have unfairly challenged the Uruguayan so the chance goes begging.
86' Neymar gets yellow.
85' Alves tries to search out Neymar with another deep ball to the far side but this time Juanfran deals with it an cushions it back to the keeper. Certainly a far more hopeful effort from Alves, there.
84' Neymar tries to pick out Sanchez with a diagonal ball from a left-of-centre position. Courtois reads it though, and comes off his line to pluck the ball out of the sky. Mind you, he has to pat it down and hold it at the second attempt.
82' It is all Barcelona now, and they are starting to play the sort of football that we are accustomed to seeing from them. Atleti's breaks seem to be restricted to just Leo Baptistao scurrying forward whenever a loose ball falls to him.
79' C. Rodríguez enters the game and replaces Diego Costa.
In all truth there has been very little on offer from Neymar, other than his goal. He has not really inspired Barcelona to try anything different and they are still coming up against the same walls in the Atleti defence.
77' The way things are going you get the feeling that Barcelona could actually grab another goal here. There is little over 10 minutes remaining so you sense the hosts will try to see the game out with the score level.

Primera División table

# Team MP D P
6 1 +1 3
7 1 +1 3
8 1 +0 1
9 1 +0 1
10 1 +0 1

Primera División table

# Team MP D P
1 1 +4 3
2 1 +3 3
3 1 +2 3
4 1 +2 3
5 1 +1 3