Fenerbahçe vs. Benfica  1 - 0

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +3 SALVIO! The winger turns sharply on the edge of Fener's box, but his shot is well charged down! That could be the last chance!
90' +2 The whistles are truly deafening as Benfica hold onto the ball. Fener have all men except Webo firmly back behind the ball, as the away side press for what would be a fantastic equaliser.
90' +1 The fourth official awards three minutes of stoppage time.
90' P. Webó gets yellow.
The home side are happy to play down the clock a little now, giving the ball all the way back to Volkan. Webo is booked for kicking the ball away after being flagged offside, but he is gesticulating as if he couldn't hear the whistle.
89' Benfica wasteful crossing proves evident again in the dying minutes, as two good pieces of play are concluded with an aimless cross. Volkan is happy to claim these crosses all night long.
87' M. Krasić enters the game and replaces M. Sow.
CARLOS MARTINS! The substitute tries a long range drive, but it's charged down by a yellow and blue wall. The away side are just getting on top as we proceed into the last five minutes, to concede now would be heartbreaking for Fenerbahce.
86' S. Şahin enters the game and replaces Cristian.
85' CHANCE! Topal hacks wildly clear, after a Melgajero cross tests the Fener back line! Cardozo was lurking at the back post, but the ball couldn't quite reach the Paraguayan. Carlos Martins has been great since coming on for Benfica, his dancing feet are wonderful to watch.
84' Cristian flights a similar corner in search of Korkmaz, but Matic wins the header over the goalscorer! Cardozo breaks after distribution from Artur Moraes, but Yobo makes a great interception-then-clearance to save his team.
82' Fener need to hold onto this lead, it's probably more important to keep a clean sheet than to score a second. An away goal would be invaluable to Benfica, who haven't really turned up offensively tonight.

Süper Lig table

# Team MP D P
6 5 +0 10
7 5 +4 9
8 5 +3 8
9 5 +2 8
10 5 +0 7

Primeira Liga table

# Team MP D P
2 6 +12 18
3 6 +4 15
4 6 +8 13
5 6 +2 10
6 6 -1 9