Tottenham Hotspur vs. Basel  2 - 2

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +2 For Spurs fans, at least. It does look quite bad in all seriousness though, he's got his head in his hands on the touchline and looks pretty distressed.
90' +1 Bale looks pretty hurt here after an innocuous collision with Degen. It seems like Degen's trailing leg caught the Welshman's foot and hyperextends his ankle. He's writhing around in pain at the moment and the stretcher's on the pitch. Worrying scenes here.
90' Basel knocking it around the middle of the park as the game plateaus.
89' Long ball from Naughton fails to find Sigurdsson, and it goes out for a Basel goal kick.
87' Play halted here as Gallas walks gingerly off the pitch through injury. Tottenham are going to have to play the last couple of minutes with ten men here since they've used all their subs.
86' Basel still on the front foot as a fatigued Tottenham almost seem content to sit back.
84' D. Degen enters the game and replaces Mohamed Salah.
That'll be his last contribution, as Salah makes way for Degen. He's been great tonight.
83' Basel come close again, with Stocker again proving a handful to the Tottenham rearguard. He finds Salah, who blasts it wide.
81' But Basel almost hit them on the counter, with some slick interplay between Salah and El-Nenny freeing up the space for the former to try his luck on goal. But his shot is weak and dribbles to the feet of Friedel.
79' Tottenham beginning to see more of this now. Naughton lets another long-range effort fly but it ricochets clear of danger.

Premier League table

# Team MP D P
2 12 +13 25
3 11 +18 23
4 12 +11 23
5 12 +7 22
6 12 +6 22

Super League table

# Team MP D P
1 14 +21 30
2 14 +8 23
3 14 +5 22
4 14 -6 21
5 14 +3 20