Schalke 04 vs. Galatasaray  2 - 3

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +5 U. Bulut has scored a goal for Galatasaray!
GOALLLLL! Amrabat finishes the game off! Schalke are caught out pushing too many players forward, and the substitute manages to squeeze the ball home past Hildebrand!
90' +4 S. Kolašinac gets yellow.
90' +3 Fuchs goes for the spectacular, after spotting Muslera off his line, but the keeper is aware of the substitute's intentions and backpedals towards his own line - before claiming Fuchs' shot easily.
90' +2 It's mayhem in the Galatasaray area, as the hosts lay siege! The Turkish side are holding firm though, with Dany heading away various dangerous balls!
90' +1 There are five minutes of stoppage time.
90' Fuchs has a long-range effort, which is deflected behind for a corner! Schalke are relentlessly piling on the pressure!
89' We're in the last minute of the game, but I predict a lot of stoppage time after Semih's injury! Gala counter after a Schalke free-kick is cleared, but Bulut is found to be offside.
87' BASTOS! A Fuchs cross falls to the Brazilian at the back post, and he smashes a half volley at goal! Muslera clings onto the ball as though his gloves are covered in glue, taking all of the sting out of the strike!
86' U. Bulut enters the game and replaces B. Yılmaz.
Both managers have shown their hands and made their final substitutions, but it's still unclear as to which side will triumph! Two offensive Schalke changes might just force the issue for the hosts.
85' D. Drogba gets yellow.
C. Obasi enters the game and replaces T. Pukki.
M. Meyer enters the game and replaces M. Höger.

Bundesliga table

# Team MP D P
1 16 +25 38
2 16 +7 29
3 16 +3 28
4 16 +11 27
5 16 +6 26

Süper Lig table

# Team MP D P
1 15 +14 32
2 15 +9 30
3 15 +12 29
4 15 +10 27
5 15 +6 27