Bayern München vs. Schalke 04  4 - 0

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' To be fair to the visitors they've not given up. Tranquillo Barnetta is still trying to force a chance but he is stopped by a number of red bodies diving in front of him.
88' One last chance for Schalke to try and get some sort of consolation from this game. A free kick is swung into the centre but despite the amount of white shirts in the box, none of them get near it.
85' Robben swings in the umpteenth corner for the hosts and it drops at the feet of Gomez but he can't readjust his feet to get his shot away before Christoph Metzelder clears.
83' Even with the injuries they have, you have to feel a Schalke side with this starting XI are better than a 4-0 thumping. They really have offered very little, especially when you consider they are still competing in this season's Champions League!
81' Gomez gets on the end of Alaba's tremendous long ball and is brought down by Jones. He went down a little theatrically but he gets the decision anyway.
79' Gomez has the ball in the net again but he's flagged for offside as he puts away the rebound from Robben's parried effort.
78' Edu enters the game and replaces T. Pukki.
Not a debut to remember for Pukki as he is replaced by Edu. The youngster had to endure a torrid time up front in the lone-striker role.
77' Bayern are finding it all too easy to hold onto possession here. Even when they do lose the ball going forward, Schalke's only option is to hoof it back to their defence. A lot of work to be done by Jens Keller ahead of their next fixture.
75' Schalke also made a change that went under my radar in the midst of Bayern's wholesale changes. The largely frustrating Michel Bastos is off and Jefferson Farfan is on.
73' Luiz Gustavo enters the game and replaces B. Schweinsteiger.
D. Contento enters the game and replaces F. Ribéry.
Rafinha enters the game and replaces P. Lahm.
Bastian Scweinsteiger, Philipp Lahm and Franck Ribery are the players to make way for Bayern. Gustavo, Rafinha and Diego Contento come on for the final quarter.

Bundesliga table

# Team MP D P
1 34 +80 91
2 34 +39 66
3 34 +26 65
4 34 +8 55
5 34 +5 51
6 34 +3 51
7 34 -11 48
8 34 -4 47
9 34 -2 45
10 34 -8 44
11 34 -5 43
12 34 -18 43
13 34 -2 42
14 34 -16 34
15 34 -18 33
16 34 -25 31
17 34 -18 30
18 34 -34 21