Stoke City vs. Wigan Athletic  2 - 2

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +3 Di Santo concedes a free-kick near the centre circle as he attempts to win back the ball. With half a minute remaining Stoke this time do commit men forward, and after keeper Begovic's long lick is cleared but only out to their own player on the right flank, Shawcross flicks the pull-back on to teammate Jerome but the ball runs out of play. It is the last act of the game before the referee blows full-time.
90' +1 Shaun Maloney drops back on the right flank and curls in a brilliant cross the Di Santo, the only target in the box, is able to stretch and reach with the tip of his toe ahead of his marker Geoff Cameron, but the Argentine is unable to get meaningful contact on the ball which rolls wide of the left post.
90' Three minutes of stoppage-time are announced as the game appears to slow down slightly, with the Latics still dominating possession but committing fewer players forward now.
88' Stam gets to the right bye-line and whips in a cross with an excellent, out-swinging shape across the six-yard box but Di Santo was unable to reach the delivery.
87' K. Jones enters the game and replaces P. Crouch.
86' Matthew Etherington tracks far back into his own half to clear a stray through-ball out for a throw-in by the corner-flag.
Maloney picks up the ball on the right edge of the box and jinks around his marker before his shot with his weaker left foot is saved by Begovic, who promptly throws the ball out towards Andy Wilkinson but the right-back is unable to control the ball to groans from the crowd.
84' The Latics are again retaining possession deep inside the Potters' own half but their tempo has slowed from the frantic pace of the last ten minutes.
83' C. McManaman enters the game and replaces J. Beausejour.
Roberto Martinez brings on tricky attacker Callum McManaman in place of left-sided Beausejour.
82' Jerome picks up the ball down the right flank and beats Caldwell on the outside, but his cross loops high over the six-yard box and wastes the opportunity.
81' Stoke attack again down the left flank and as centre-back Gary Caldwell looks to run into the box, Beausejour's cross disappoints.

Premier League table

# Team MP D P
1 38 +43 89
2 38 +32 78
3 38 +36 75
4 38 +35 73
5 38 +20 72
6 38 +15 63
7 38 +28 61
8 38 -4 49
9 38 -4 46
10 38 -8 46
11 38 -17 44
12 38 -10 43
13 38 -11 42
14 38 -11 41
15 38 -22 41
16 38 -23 41
17 38 -13 39
18 38 -26 36
19 38 -30 28
20 38 -30 25