Zenit vs. Milan  2 - 3

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +5 And as soon as Abbiati takes it, the ref blows for full time!
90' +4 It's now or never for Zenit. They need to start launching it in towards the box, but their endeavor has ground to a halt as a freekick is called, which Abbiati is taking his sweet time over.
90' +2 Zenit haven't really shown much initiative since conceding their third goal. Milan are having a relatively easy time closing this one out.
90' We head into four minutes of added time.
89' A. Bukharov enters the game and replaces N. Lombaerts.
Pazzini cleverly winning a free kick in the Zenit half to burn a few seconds off the clock. Milan are close now, so close to three points that they barely deserve.
87' R. Shirokov gets yellow.
Hulk pounces on a slip by El Shaarawy and advances into the area. His shot is sliced horribly wide though, and is sent even further away by the head of Abate.
85' M. Yepes gets yellow.
Yepes and Hulk chase down a 50-50 ball near the touchline. The Milan substitute sends the Brazilian flying with a meaty challenge that raked across his thigh. Ouch.
83' A rather unambitious effort from Hulk, who plays it all the way back to the halfway line. It's worked to the left flank, where Abate clears out for a corner.
Another Abbiati save! Anyukov catches it sweetly from the edge of the area, but the Milan keeper flies across his goal to tip wide!
82' Zapata looses the ball in a careless area on the corner of his box. Nocerino is forced to come forward and make an ungainly covering challenge. Freekick.
81' M. Yepes enters the game and replaces K. Boateng.

Premier League table

# Team MP D P
1 6 +12 16
2 6 +5 13
3 6 +3 13
4 6 +3 12
5 6 +2 11

Serie A table

# Team MP D P
11 0 +0 0
12 0 +0 0
13 0 +0 0
14 0 +0 0
15 0 +0 0