Tottenham Hotspur vs. Lazio  0 - 0

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +5 R. Mason enters the game and replaces M. Dembélé.
90' +4 M. Ciani enters the game and replaces Hernanes.
90' +2 Ederson enters the game and replaces S. Mauri.
Townsend can't direct his header at the back post from a long ball on target. The home side have just had no luck in front of goal this evening.
90' A late Bale free-kick is powerfully cleared by the visitors. They might just hold on here and if they do it will be a well-earned point. Lazio have defended just swell all night.
88' Sigurdsson makes a run down the left but it's to no avail, as Kyle Naughton's ball is far too hard for the Scandinavian to reach before it dribbles out of play.
86' Townsend tries an audacious shot from the right, stepping inside onto his left foot and testing Marchetti at his near post. The Serie A goalkeeper leaps onto it just in time, and also stops his save from exiting the field of play.
85' S. Mauri gets yellow.
Five minutes left. Are we in for a late goal or two, or will this match simmer to a goalless - albeit entertaining - stalemate?
84' Another Spurs player who's had a fine night in Dembele. The ex-Fulham man has been intricate without being unnecessarily flamboyant in the Spurs midfield.
82' A. Townsend enters the game and replaces A. Lennon.
Boyhood Spurs fan and youth product Andros Townsend comes on for Defoe in attack with eight minutes left to go.
81' M. Zárate enters the game and replaces O. Onazi.
A confident, calm, cool catch from Lloris as the corner is whipped high and hard into the box. The French keeper hasn't put much wrong tonight, but then again he hasn't had that much to deal with either.

Premier League table

# Team MP D P
4 16 +14 30
5 16 +10 29
6 16 +14 28
7 16 +3 28
8 16 +1 23

Serie A table

# Team MP D P
3 16 +27 38
4 15 +17 35
5 14 +19 32
6 15 +8 27
7 16 +2 24